Unveiling the Genius of Giancarlo Mattioli: The Inventor of the Iconic Olivetti Valentine Typewriter


Giancarlo Mattioli, an industrial designer from Italy, is known for creating the iconic Olivetti Valentine typewriter. In the world of design, he is considered as one of the most significant figures of the 20th century. In this article, we will delve into the life and works of Giancarlo Mattioli, tracing his journey from a young designer to a renowned industrial design expert.

Early Life and Education

Giancarlo Mattioli was born in 1921 in Italy. He grew up in the city of Torino, where he spent most of his childhood exploring his artistic interests. Mattioli attended the School of Fine Arts in Torino in 1940, where he studied under some of the renowned artists of the time.

The Journey towards Industrial Design

After completing his education in fine arts, Mattioli began his career as a graphic designer. He soon realized that his true calling was in industrial design, where he could combine his artistic skills with his technical knowledge. In 1948, Mattioli joined the renowned design firm, Olivetti, as a member of the R&D team.

The Creation of Olivetti Valentine Typewriter

Mattioli’s most significant contribution to the field of industrial design came in the form of the Olivetti Valentine typewriter. In 1959, Mattioli, along with his colleague Ettore Sottsass, designed this iconic typewriter for Olivetti. The Valentine typewriter was not only a technological marvel but also a design masterpiece. The typewriter became an instant hit among the masses and catapulted Olivetti to become one of the top design firms of the time.


Giancarlo Mattioli’s contribution to industrial design has been lauded by designers and art enthusiasts across the world. His innovative approach towards design, which combined technology with art, is something that continues to inspire designers to this day. Mattioli’s legacy lives on through his creations, which continue to be celebrated as design classics.

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