How to Create a Modern 70s Style Home

When it comes to design and decor, the 1970s is one of the hottest trends to hit the market. From the era’s new freedoms for women to new inventions, this decade is full of inspiration and has become a favorite among the Millennial and Gen Z crowds.

With a modern twist, this trend is making a comeback and can be found throughout many homes. From fabrics and wall decorations to furniture, there are a few simple ways you can add some 70s flair into your space.

Color Palette

When embracing this retro style, it’s important to keep the look fresh and vibrant without going overboard with a heavy browns and timbers. This can be achieved by choosing natural colors such as tans, mustards and ochres that work well in the room.

Besides this, earthy tones like sage, olive and gray-tinted greens are great choices as they will help keep the look of your home looking fresh and updated.

Cushion Covers, Rugs and Throws

When you’re trying to create a layered look for your room, opt for cushion covers and rugs that have a touch of funk to them. These can be sourced from many different online stores and are the perfect way to add some ’70s fun into your interiors.

Macrame is also a great way to add a touch of ’70s charm. It’s a crafty, hand-knotted look that isn’t going anywhere and is perfect for those with an artistic flair.

The best part is that this trend can be used to create any type of decor in your home. From shelving to window treatments and wall art, the look is a great way to add character and personality into your space while still keeping it light and clean.

Curated ’70s Style

When it comes to creating the perfect curated ’70s space, it’s crucial to keep a mix of vintage pieces as well as a range of modern ones. This can be done with a lot of careful curation and attention to detail. The best places to start are by picking up items from your own personal collection that evoke the vibe of this decade and showcasing them in your home.

Incorporating a mix of styles and textures into your home can be tricky, but it’s essential to get the balance right. Using an eclectic mix of furniture, decorative objects and even plants can help keep your space feeling fresh and vibrant while also making it feel like a unique personal expression.

Geometric Patterns are a staple of this style and can be found in fabric designs, curtains and wall decorations. These can be paired with a variety of other patterns and shapes to create an interesting yet classic look that is sure to stand the test of time.

Rattan and Wicker are two other popular materials that can be easily incorporated into your ’70s style home. They can be used as a decorative piece in chairs, side tables and decorative baskets.