How to Choose Pendant Lighting for Your Kitchen Island

pendant lighting kitchen island

Pendant lighting is a beautiful way to add a touch of personality to your kitchen. They also offer functional lighting that will help you prep food, prepare meals, and complete other activities in your kitchen. The best type of pendant light for your kitchen island depends on a few factors: the shape, color, and style of your island; ceiling height; and how you want your island to function as a workspace.

How to Determine the Perfect Pendant Size for Your Kitchen Island

The best way to determine the proper size of a pendant for your kitchen island is to take the width of your countertop and multiply it by the length. That number in inches will be the maximum allowable length for your kitchen island.

If your island is longer than your measurement, it might be necessary to use more than one pendant to cover the whole space. If your island is shorter than your measurement, however, it’s best to stick to just a single pendant.

How to Choose the Right Color for Your Pendant Lighting

The shade of your pendant lights will play a role in how much light you get. The shade should be a color that complements your kitchen’s overall aesthetic. This can be a color that matches your cabinets or faucet, or it can be a more neutral tone like a white or off-white to give the lighting a light and airy feel.

When choosing your pendant, keep in mind that some styles of pendants are more decorative than others. For example, woven designs tend to be more decorative than full-enclosed pendants. Similarly, clear glass shades are more decorative than opaque ones.

This is because they cast a lighter, more diffused light that creates a more welcoming and pleasant atmosphere in your kitchen. The shade’s material also affects the overall look of your lighting fixture, as woven pendants typically feature more gaps than a fully-enclosed design.

You can easily find a wide variety of different pendant lights online and in local lighting stores. Many of these fixtures come in a range of shapes, colors, and styles to suit any decorating scheme. You’ll find a great selection of kitchen island pendants at Vonluce.

How to Hang Your Pendants Without Creating a Barrier

When hanging your pendants over your kitchen island, it’s important to make sure they don’t become a barrier for your family and guests. For this reason, it’s a good idea to have a few people try out the placement of your pendants before you install them. Have the people climb a ladder and hold the light fixture in an area that has good natural lighting, and then have a third person measure the distance from the bottom of the pendant to the floor.

Using this method, you can ensure that the pendants are high enough so that the people in your family can see each other but low enough that they won’t be blinded by the glare from the light bulbs. When determining the ideal height for your pendants, be sure to consider the ceiling height of your kitchen and the height of your tallest members of the family.