A Bright Idea: A Guide to Call Lamps for Better Communication

A Bright Idea: A Guide to Call Lamps for Better Communication


Communication is a vital aspect of any business. However, with remote work becoming more popular, effective communication can be a challenge, mainly when you need to keep track of everyone’s availability.

Enter the call lamp: a useful tool that helps you communicate without interrupting others. Simply put, call lamps are small LED lights that indicate the status of employee availability.

Are you interested in learning more about call lamps? This informative guide will provide you with everything you need to know about call lamps and their benefits for better communication.

What are Call Lamps?

Call lamps are small LED lights that come in different colors and indicate the status of employee availability. They are often attached to your computer or desk and are designed to help remote teams know when their colleagues are available for communication.

For instance, if a team member has a call lamp green light on, it means that they are available for communication. However, if the light is red, it means the person is on a call, busy, or not available.

How do Call Lamps Work?

Call lamps work by connecting to your computer or network via a USB port. Once connected, they can be associated with your communication software, so the light will automatically change color depending on your availability status.

Most call lamps come with a software tool that allows you to customize the light colors based on your needs. For example, you can set the green light to indicate availability, the yellow light to indicate busy, and the red light to indicate that you are unavailable for communication.

Benefits of Call Lamps

Call lamps offer numerous benefits for better communication, including:

Minimize interruptions

One of the most significant advantages of call lamps is that they help you avoid interrupting your colleagues during crucial work hours. By displaying your availability status, you reduce the risk of unnecessary interruptions, which can affect productivity and workflow.

Save time

Call lamps can save time because they allow colleagues to know without asking whether someone is available for communication. This means that employees spend less time waiting for someone to answer their message or email.

Promote teamwork

Call lamps promote teamwork by helping team members know each other’s availability, so they can quickly connect for meetings and collaboration.

Boost productivity

By minimizing interruptions, saving time and promoting teamwork, call lamps can positively impact productivity. By increasing productivity, companies can achieve better results in less time.

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