Shining Bright: The Innovative Illumination of Kevin Reilly Lighting


Kevin Reilly Lighting has been revolutionizing the lighting industry for over 20 years. Their unique approach to lighting design has earned them a reputation as one of the most innovative and cutting-edge lighting companies in the world. In this article, we will explore the philosophy behind Kevin Reilly’s designs, as well as some of their most notable projects.


At the heart of Kevin Reilly Lighting’s philosophy is the belief that lighting should be more than just functional – it should also be beautiful, inspiring, and emotionally engaging. To achieve this, the company takes a holistic approach to lighting design, considering not just the technical aspects of illumination, but also the aesthetic and emotional dimensions.

One of the ways in which Kevin Reilly Lighting achieves this is through their use of natural materials such as wood, metal, and stone. These materials not only add an earthy, organic quality to their designs, but also provide a sense of warmth and intimacy that is often lacking in more clinical or industrial lighting.

Another key aspect of the Kevin Reilly Lighting philosophy is the use of light to create mood and atmosphere. Rather than simply providing illumination, the company’s designs are meant to evoke a specific emotional response in the viewer – whether that be a sense of calm, wonder, or excitement. This is achieved through the use of carefully calibrated lighting levels, color temperatures, and placement.

Notable Projects

Over the years, Kevin Reilly Lighting has worked on a wide range of projects – from residential homes to high-end hotels and resorts. Here are just a few examples of their most notable work:

Wynn Las Vegas

In 2005, Kevin Reilly Lighting was tapped to design the lighting for Steve Wynn’s new flagship resort in Las Vegas. The company created a stunning array of lighting fixtures – including chandeliers, wall sconces, and table lamps – that perfectly complemented the resort’s opulent decor and theatrical atmosphere.

San Francisco Design Center

The San Francisco Design Center is a hub for interior design professionals, featuring showrooms and galleries showcasing the latest in furniture, fabric, and decor. Kevin Reilly Lighting was tasked with providing a new lighting system for the center, creating a seamless blend of functionality and beauty. The resulting design helped to highlight the beauty and elegance of the center’s spaces, while also making it more welcoming and inviting.

Private Residence, Beverly Hills

Kevin Reilly Lighting has also created lighting for a number of private residences. One notable project was a home in Beverly Hills, where the company’s lighting played a critical role in creating a sense of warmth and intimacy in the expansive living spaces. From custom chandeliers to handcrafted wall sconces, every aspect of the lighting design was carefully tailored to the unique needs of the space.

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