Adding a Wicker Lamp to Your Home Decor

wicker lamp

A wicker lamp gives a room a relaxed, elegant vibe. Made of woven wicker and glass, these lamps come with an organic, rounded shape. They are a great option for side tables or desks, and can complement any interior design. A wicker lamp can also make an elegant statement in your living room, den, or bedroom.

Natural wicker

A natural wicker lamp is a great way to create a warm, natural vibe in a room. These lamps are made with woven wicker and glass in an organic shape, and their texture is truly unique. They can be hung on side tables or desks for added texture.

These natural wicker lamps are the perfect choice for accent lighting or as a featured pendant light. You can mix and match them with other lights to create a stunning look in your home. They use a 60W bulb and cast a soft glow into any room. Natural wicker lamps can work with either an incandescent or halogen bulb.

Organic shape

This hanging lamp is handcrafted from natural wicker, and features an organic shape. The lamp is UL listed, and features a hardwired, black vintage fabric electrical cord and ceiling cap. It accommodates standard size bulbs up to 60 watts. It hangs approximately 38 inches from the ceiling.

This organic shape is a key feature in biophilic design, which emphasizes the connection between man and nature. This style highlights the asymmetries of nature, and has a growing demand in interior design. Using organic shapes in interior design is a great way to soften a space without requiring expensive new furniture.

Neutral shade

If you have a wicker lamp, you may want to consider buying a neutral shade for it. This shade will help to diffuse the light, reduce glare, and direct the light where you want it. You can choose metallic shades for a warmer, more contrasting look, or a more neutral one to blend with the rest of your decor. You can find lampshades in all shapes and sizes.

A wicker lamp with a light brown shade has a warm, cozy feel. It will fit well in a modern room, and the delicate wicker material will make the room feel welcoming.

Handmade in South Africa

A Handmade wicker lamp from South Africa is a great way to add a unique touch to your home decor. Its beautiful shape and African wax print makes it an ideal addition to any room. You can find these lamps in a wide variety of prices, from $175 to $4,200. Bespoke Binny is one such online store that sells these lamps along with other African-themed home accessories such as colorful oven mitts. The company also provides virtual classes on making the lampshades for these lamps.


A wicker lamp is a beautiful and classic way to illuminate a room. This versatile style is often made from a natural fiber, like rattan. However, it can also be made from metal. These types of lamps are generally made in a high quality, durable manner. Some of the most popular types of wicker lamps are Victorian and Arts and Crafts style.

Since each piece of wicker lamp is handwoven, they can vary in shape, wave, and color. As a result, they have an organic look. This makes each piece unique and varies in shape, color, and design from the next.