Literary and excellent floor lamps make your home more beautiful

A long-lasting aesthetic space atmosphere is woven by multiple senses, adding one or two unusual floor lamps to form a specific light-sensing lighting atmosphere.

When arranging home lighting, floor lamps are the easiest part to show off. It can not only act as the main light in a small area, but also coordinate with other indoor light sources to change the light environment through the difference in illuminance. At the same time, the floor lamp can also become a good decoration in the living room with its unique appearance.

Today, I will recommend several versatile floor lamps without losing their personality.

Flos Superloon Floor Lamp

Flos is a brand from Italy. The elegant shape and graceful lines of its lamps give people a refreshing feeling. The appearance is mostly a fusion of modern style and classic style.

Inspired by moonlight, this floor lamp diffuses evenly and softly into every corner of the space. Ultra-thin light plate design, special bearing design ensures that the light plate can be rotated to the required place.


MUMOON, founded by Belgian designer Robin Delaere in 2010, is a brand that puts original design concepts first.

The beauty of elegant lines is the charm of this lamp. The warm wood color and the ambiguous light from bottom to top give the space a comfortable atmosphere, concise and intriguing details and tastes. The light gray tone of temperament highlights the modernity, and its height is also suitable for apartment spaces.


This group of floor lamps named “Frame” is a group in the 2018 new outdoor series of local creation. The cement primary color lamp body frame made of concrete and building recycling waste residue aggregates looks solid and neat, with a strong sense of geometry.

Squeak idle light

The unique lampshade curve of the idle light has been carefully considered, so that the light can emit different brightness through refraction.

This is a new addition to Zhiyin’s spring collection this year, with a sophisticated mechanical feel that is at the same time very modern. The idle light simulates the form of a pendulum, swaying between balance and unbalance, and the slender light pole swings along the axis of the base bracket.

The slender light pole is along the axis of the base bracket, and can swing to adjust the 5-speed parking angle.

The lamp base is stable and beautiful, with a crescent-shaped arc design, and a strong magnetic attraction is hidden in the base, which makes the simple structure of the leisure lamp always balance.

Squeaky Infinite Floor Lamp

The Infinity Floor Lamp is an ambient light, resembling the symbol ∞, the light source shines on the twisted cloth surface, reflecting a gradual and soft light. Viewed from any angle, it has endless tenderness and beauty.

The infinite floor lamp also has a small idea, it also looks visually “wireless”.

Twist the plane to form a natural lampshade. The upper and lower lamp cups can be rotated to adjust the illumination direction, thereby adjusting the illumination range. The brightest light sources are diffusely reflected, creating a warm, quiet, and pleasant space atmosphere.

The structure of the lamp is integrated with the wire, and the cable wire is subtly wrapped, which also plays a decorative role.

The conical metal lamp base keeps the lamp steady and visually balanced. The wires are hidden in the overall structure, forming the illusion that the light wires are one, and the solid metal seems to be softened by this. With the permeation of light, the infinite floor lamp makes space and people have an eternal romance and life.

Camino Moonlight

This moon shadow lantern tells the oriental home complex in the simple design language of the West. It is from the hands of the cutting-edge Taiwanese designer Vii CHEN. The inspiration comes from his homesickness when he was studying abroad. Like seeing the moon through a window, the hazy feeling is fascinating. As a light, it can not only illuminate, but also can be used as a situational decoration. As a screen, the vision is cut.

Fabbian Water Drop Floor Lamp

Small and beautiful, this drop-shaped floor lamp from Italian brand Fabbian is a very refined design, with simple and elegant lines adapted to a modern classic style.

The lamp is available in three colours: white, black and bright chrome and is perfect for corners in bedrooms, living rooms or dens.

Kartell Toobe Floor Lamp

Kartell’s work is colorful and bizarre, showing a different effect.

From a lampshade with clean, modern lines, Toobe radiates a soft, warm glow. There is a handy position on the lampshade, which is convenient for moving the internal metal bracket.

IKEA Hector

Among IKEA’s floor lamps, Hector is the most famous. Hector has a strong industrial style, and designer Ola Wihlborg took inspiration from old factories to create an industrial feel through the combination of large metal lampshades and shiny cream interiors.

IKEA Bojia

The special feature of Bojia is that its lampshade is hand-woven with bamboo, which can project soft and unique light and shadow, and its style is relatively simple.

After a day of running around, you take off your backpack and sink into the sofa. A touch of warm yellow light and a cup of warm tea can best relieve your current fatigue. Choose your favorite floor lamp for your home.

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